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My complaint does not appear on the website. When will my complaint will be posted?

All Complaints Board postings and reviews are reviewed from time to time, to avoid  spam messages or any violations of our terms and conditions.  If your posting violated any of our terms and conditions, your posting will automatically be deleted. If your complaint violates our Terms of Use (cursing, direct insults towards other users, etc), it will not be posted on the website. Please be aware, that you shouldn’t post any highly personal details (phone numbers, personal addresses, etc) in your complaints, to avoid possible misuse of your data.

How do I change my email ID?

Please contact our support team please use the contact form and provide the new email ID you want to use.

How do I contact other users of CanadaComplaintsBoard.Com?

For privacy and confidentiality you cannot contact other users on this board.

How can I find out the contact information of the complaint author?

You can send a personal message to the user via our messaging system and request such details.

How can I contact your support team?

To contact our support team please use our complaint contact form
Please note that you need to allow at least 72 hours (business days only).
If you have submitted your ticket on Friday or on the weekend, please be aware that you might not receive an answer up to Monday.

How can I call your Support Team?

Unfortunately, we do not provide telephone support via phone. Please send all inquiries via our online
Contact Form.