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Travelers Insurance / Roadside Service System

Date 1/12/2018
This is ridiculous… i had to get my vehicle towed… after half an hour (ETA was originally 15 minutes) the tow guy calls and says that he was contacted about a hitch to get me unstuck… I clearly stated that i needed a tow, it was fairly obvious from the location address and the destination address that were provided. Why would i state that i needed a FLATBED and a destination address if all i needed was a hitch? So the guy (already late) states he would be there in “20 minutes”. After waiting another HOUR i called the roadside service number again and i was told that my tow was cancelled because they were “afraid” they would damage my vehicle. Why was i not informed this was cancelled instead of making me wait so long? This is ridiculous, neither the tow guy OR the Travelers representative ever called to say i was waiting for NOTHING. I called again and had to start the process AGAIN, re instate my information, location and destination address… The new tow guy calls and says he would be there in ANOTHER 45 MINUTES because he was stuck in traffic in LA. To add insult to injury i get a text on my phone saying the official ETA would be ONE HOUR… Unbelievable