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Favorite Agent / Ultimate Website does not honor its no questions asked 100% money back guarantee for its services. On Sept. 18, 2015 I subscribed to the service. On the same day, I called immediately after reviewing the final product to cancel as it was not what I was sold. I spoke to Levi Jones who told me that I would have to use the service and if it didn’t work, my money would be refunded. Reluctantly, I agreed in good faith to attempt to use the system as instructed. The system relies heavily upon “borrowing” listings from other agents and using the system to generate leads on such free sites as Craig’s List. Most of the agents that I approached regarding borrowing listings declined. Although one new agent did allow me to advertise one of her listings. I placed the ad, as prescribed, on CL, and facebook and got absolutely “zero” results. No phone calls, no page views, nothing. I continued to try to get the system to work, by placing ads in various media such as CL, Facebook, Postcard advertising etc. For each of these methods, I received the same results – none. On Nov. 30, 2015, I sent a request for a refund under the “no-questions asked” money back guarantee, only to be told that I didn’t meet the terms and conditions and that since fb and direct mail were not recommended by the company, they didn’t count. However, I found it interesting that right above the “Guarantee” section of the Licensing agreement, there is “Advertising” which states that advertising can be done in many different ways including ppc, free ads, SEO, yard signs, and print advertising and that the licensor does not endorse any particular advertising source… It seems that will travel down any unethical path it seems fit in order to not honor its agreement. The website and the licensing agreement often contradict one another, heck the licensing agreement even contradicts itself. Bottom line, I would like to honor its agreement and refund all money paid and to cancel my account, and cease all future billings. Your Desired Resolution: I would like a refund of all money paid, account canceled as originally requested and no further contact or billing.

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