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Domina Lexx Envy / dating services

I used to serve Domina Lexx Enxy as a paid female client. When times were tough, I told her I could not session with her any longer. She suggested I work with her as a Domme and switch. Of course I needed extra cash to make sure I could cover a 2 bedroom apartment for my kid and I. I thought her idea was great and happily obliged.

She was often incapacitated when we were working. She would drink as early as I could witness at 830am, ingest pills and whatever she can get her hands on. She is very unsafe with clients.

Months later when I was becoming successful, she would lie to me about clients so that I would not see them.

She even flipped out on me and outed my part time job to my vanilla desk job and family members.

As a client, not only is she physically dangerous but she is cuckoo and will use information she has on you to blackmail you and/or make your life a living h*ll.

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