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Direct Marketing-Inbound Telemarketing Merchants / unauthorized Charges

Not sure of their address in the scam country United Kingdom. Diresct Marketing-inbound Telemarketing Merchants. I found unauthorized charges of $59.97 on my Master Card. I don’t even know who they are. I went into search and typed in and it is a dead website with a non active email address. Their third option in the dead website is to fill in email address, name and to fill in details which they do not respond back. Best thing to do is dispute the unauthorized charges and fill out report online with your credit card and file a police report to prosecute them. They are outside the US so they can get away with it. I suggest not to bother with outside the country Marketing and don’t go for thier home business scams. Advise to stay away from United Kingdom and Nigeria for anything they try to sell and also with dating clubs and never send money Western Union. Don’t send anyone money that you don’t know.

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