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Dex Media / online advertising

We have Dex Media online advertising and website. They say we signed a contract on which we could not adjust the budget, something we had always been able to do in the past. The worst part is that we have had almost zero results in the past year so we’re paying more for much poorer performance. We no longer get any emails from our website, the phone calls are almost all telemarketers, and google Places now has our business name wrong !I have also spent many hours on the phone with an a service person from Dex trying to make our website perform optimally but with no results.
We had no idea that we were signing a contract that would not allow us to adjust our budget. And we’ve never even seen the contract! I thought the sales rep was acting awfully evasive when I asked to have a copy of the contract sent to me. I am now filing a complaint with our State Attorney General’s office. Dex Media has got to stop scamming small business like this.
In addition when a new sales rep came to talk to us about this year’s advertising I complained to him about this and asked what he could do for us as far as issuing a credit he was very rude and obnoxious and blamed me for the poor performance. We went around in circles about the issue until I told him I wasn’t discussing any new advertising until the existing issue was resolved. At that point he abruptly jumped up and ran out of our house, almost letting our dog out, and then sped off down the street like a rocket. All Dex has done is say they cannot make a refund based on his behavior. I am not asking for that. I am asking based on poor product performance and being scammed into signing a contract that could not be cancelled.
I have been in contact with a sales manager named Megan Schmidt for the past two months but have gotten no results.
We want a refund of the balance due on the contract and ownership of our website, Face Book page and domain name all transferred to us.

Account Number: [protected]

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