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Booked online accommodation which in the advertising was really attractive and nice.

On arrival it was the opposite. The owners uploaded pictures from when they bought the property and several years on have let it run into disrepair. Overgrown gardens, peeling paint, rotten windows etc. WIFI advertised but not available and the entrance drive with large holes with metal sheets over them and so on.

In short what was paid for in advance was not the same as what was advertised. We did not get anything like the advertisement on suggested we would. The online advertising showed beautiful gardens and lawns and garden tables laid with linen and a lovely well kept building.

We feel deceived and we paid on our credit card in good faith 560 euros for 7 days. On arrival in the mountains there was nothing else available so we were stuck and in any case our money had been taken in advance.

The people were very nice but the place was just awful inside and out.

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