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Alamo Rent A Car / damage recovery which was not caused by me


I am placing a complaint with regards to claim number 11989102 for which I have been asked to pay 173$ for a broken seat belt for a rental car I took in SFO around December 25 2017.

While returning the car the representative at SFO airport asked me if the I had called in regarding a broken seat bely. I specifically mention that I had not called and the representative checked the vehicle and said everything was fine. The next thing I receive a claim for 173 dollars for the same. I had left a voice mail with regards to the same explaining the same. Now I receive a letter threatening me that my claim would be sent to the collection agency if I don’t pay the amount. Seriously ? I have never seen such scamsters ever. I will by far never rent a car from Alamo or national anymore. People please stay away from these people.